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Terms & Conditions

By proceeding with a treatment at WHOW by Abigail Laura, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions below.
  • I am required to provide full contact details, including name, address, email address and telephone number in order to secure an appointment.​

  • I am required to complete a medical consultation form before any treatments are carried out.

  • All personal information I provided is confidential, and protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

  • I am 18 years old or over.

  • WHOW by Abigail Laura has the right to refuse any treatment to any client for any reason.

  • By having a treatment at WHOW by Abigail Laura, I accept responsibility for determining the colour, shape and position of the enhancement, as agreed during the consultation/pre mapping stage.

  • I understand that a sensitivity patch test for pigment does no guarantee that I will not have an allergic response. I am aware that allergic reactions are rare, and therefore accept all responsibility if an allergic response does occur.

  • I am aware that a sensitivity reaction to anaesthetics/numbing cream can occur, and therefore accept all responsibility if a reaction does occur.

  • I accept and understand that WHOW by Abigail Laura meets the highest hygiene standards, and all sterile equipment and disposable needles/blades are used for each individual client and procedure.

  • I understand and accept that each permanent make-up treatment is a process requiring multiple applications of pigment to achieve desirable results, and that 100% success cannot be guaranteed.

  • I understand that pigment migration can occur under the skin, although this is rare.

  • I understand that this is an invasive procedure, and that the process can therefore be uncomfortable.

  • By paying the £50 booking deposit I am committing to attending my appointment on the time and date agreed.


  • I understand that deposits are non-refundable, with the exception of the following; 

  1. I observe a negative reaction to my patch test. Negative reactions must be communicated to WHOW by Abigail Laura within 7 days of attending my consultation and deposits will not be refunded for anything after this time. 

  2. If my appointment is canceled by WHOW by Abigail Laura, and it cannot be rescheduled.

  (Deposits may be refunded for other exceptional circumstances at the discretion of WHOW by Abigail Laura).


  • Should I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment, I understand that I must provide a minimum of 72 hours notice to avoid losing my deposit, and being charged 50% of the treatment cost as a cancellation fee.. If I still decide to book another date and time for a treatment, then I understand that the full cost of the service is payable. 

  • I understand that if I don’t show up to the appointment agreed between myself and Abigail Laura, then I will be charged 50% of the treatment cost as a cancellation fee.


  • I understand that WHOW by Abigail Laura cannot provide guarantees associated to the longevity and success of the treatment, as this is determined by the following factors, all of which WHOW by Abigail Laura has limited influence over;

  1. Medication that I am currently taking and/or have taken in the past.

  2. Skin type- i.e dry/oily/sun-damaged.

  3. Natural skin undertones.

  4. Alcohol intake and smoking.

  5. General stress.

  6. A weak immune system.

  7. Poor diet.

  8. Full adherence to post procedure aftercare guidance.


  • Treatments are non-refundable. Any concerns relating to shape, size and colour of pigment should be voiced during the pre-mapping stage of the treatment. You undertake this treatment and provide the associated payment at your own risk. 

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