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What is Microblading + Nanoblading?

Before we get stuck in, you should check out this article from Elle Magazine, where there is a load more information on Microblading you may find useful.

Eyebrows are the new black, everyone loves them + everyone looks good with them. From untamed + fluffy to strong + defined, a good set of eyebrows are a must have! Unfortunately, we aren't all naturally blessed with our perfect brows- especially those of you who went to town with the tweezers on them in the 90's! I would say a large majority of us are unhappy with our natural shape whether it be from following a trend (like the 90's tadpole brow), losing hair from an illness or you simply just need a slight enhancement to fill in a few gaps.

Luckily its 2021 + there are now many options to help enhance our eyebrows. From superficial + temporary options such as brow pencil, gel, powder + mascara - all the way to a more permanent solution such as Microblading + Nanoblading.

So what is Microblading + Nanoblading?

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup/cosmetic tattooing where a hand held tool is used to penetrate the skin, creating natural looking hair strokes to mimic the appearance of beautiful, full + natural brows.

Each microblade (the hand held tool) has between 10-12 tiny needles which are used to create this cut into the skin. Each time the microblade passes into the skin it implants a high grade pigment which creates the crisp hair stroke pattern to blend with your natural hair. At WHOW, I tailor blend each pigment for every client, so we can achieve only the most natural + realistic of results to suit you.

The Nanoblading process is exactly the same, the only difference is that the nanoblades used have slightly finer needles compared to a microblade, so we are able to create the ULTIMATE natural brow. This is perfect for those with little to no eyebrow hair + for those with a drier skin type.

Both results with the microblades + nanoblades I use are extremely natural. At your consultation we decide which route will be best for your desired look + skin type.

The whole process for Microblading + Nanoblading takes around 2 hours. This includes numbing with a topical aesthetic, pre mapping, pigment blending + the Microblading/Nanoblading technique. You are then invited back to the clinic 6 weeks later for the second stage of the treatment, where we top up any areas which haven't held the pigment + can make any alterations necessary. From here you will need a colour boost treatment every 6-18 months depending on your skin type. Most clients book for a 12 month colour boost to maintain the depth and desired shape.

Get in touch if you would like to book for a FREE consultation!

Abbie x


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