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If you've found your way to this page I'm guessing you're looking to discover more about us and where the name WHOW came from?

One of the main reasons I love the permanent makeup/microblading industry is because every treatment is so bespoke to every skin type, hair colour, skin colour and personal preference/style. It's not one size fits all, there's no black and white, but instead a thousand shades of grey! It's one of the main reasons I started up WHOW which actually stands for "with her own wings", or "with his own wings".

"With her own wings" is a quote which has been with me for a while, but more recently was extremely fitting when realising what I wanted my business to symbolise. I wanted the brand to embody everything which was real and unique about us, showing that we all have the freedom to be our authentic selves, totally unfiltered. I wanted to show my clients that no matter what your natural and untouched eyebrows look like, we can create something which fits and suits YOU and no one else- after all, the quote doesn't say "with their own wings" now does it?

Abbie x


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